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Dr Roser Vega

Dr Roser Vega

Dr Roser Vega is a Consultant Gastrenterologist at University College Hospital. She developed and leads a service for complex and large sessile colonic polyps providing advanced diagnosis and endoscopic treatment for colonic neoplasia. She is an accredited Bowel Cancer Screening Colonoscopist and is Deputy Director of Bowel Cancer Screening for the North Central London region.

Dr. Vega also delivers care to a large cohort of tertiary referral patients with complex inflammatory bowel disease and provides specialist expertise in IBD related colonic neoplasia.

Her research areas of interest include all aspects of colonic polyps detection, characterisation and endoscopic resection, pathogenesis of colonic neoplasia in IBD and endoscopic treatment of colonic pT1 cancers.

Dr Vega is is actively involved in undergraduate and post-graduate teaching and training of naive and advanced colonoscopist and has participated in several national post-graduate courses.

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